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Dec 11, Doug rated it liked it. The vicious, brutal world in which Aaron lives is Australia really like this??? Such a conceit may keep the plot grinding forward through its painful progression, but I couldn't believe this poor kid would have refused such an obvious and persistent source of love, help and support. Despite its flaws, however, somehow the novel is ultimately compelling and I found myself anxious to keep reading. My biggest complaint, in the Kindle edition at least, is the relentless appearance of apparent typos.

It actually took a fair amount of effort sometimes to figure out the intended word; it was an annoyance that I just can't forgive. Please, Mason, proofread your manuscripts or get someone who can! Still, the author clearly has the ability to create three-dimensional characters and tell a compelling story. I will happily read more from him.

Aaron's Story: When a Home Visit Brings Healing - STRIDE Community Health Center

Jul 07, Gail Thompson rated it it was amazing Shelves: m-m , romance , read-several-times. This book is very well done, and much better than I was expecting it to be.

Such a touching story, and the writing definitely puts the reader in touch with Aaron. My emotions were going on a roller coaster right along with it. There were tears flowing downs my cheeks as the drama reached its pinnacle. Such heart break and loneliness followed by such courage. I understood why Stephen didn't do more to help Aaron in school or stick up for him. Intellectually I understand his fears.

Howe This book is very well done, and much better than I was expecting it to be. However, I don't understand how he could stand by when it's someone you love.

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I was also annoyed at David for abandoning his best friend. Still they both stood up in the end.

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I was most irritated with Aaron's parents. The may not agree with his life choice, their faith may say otherwise. However what they did is unconscionable. It amounts to abuse.

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  4. Sadly I suspect a lot of that goes on that we would never hear about. This is a story that many more people should read. It challenges you to think about what affects others and what they may be going through. This is sadly an issue that various members of society are struggling with. This story is sensitive and thought provoking. Well done. Jul 15, 2kasmom rated it really liked it.


    Aaron’s Story

    Aaron is in high school. He knows he is gay. He has very Christian parents who do not seem to understand what that means. He sees another young gay boy getting abused and pushed around at school, so he keeps it to himself.

    Aaron's story

    His crush, Steven, does not seem to know he is alive either. So what is he to do? He gets a girlfriend and acts like he is normal, that's what. Why risk telling anyone? Then Steven invites him to be a part of their soccer games. He makes new friends and starts to ho Aaron is in high school. He makes new friends and starts to hope. His older brother, who is close with, asks him over and over again what he is hiding. Why is he so different? Can he please tell him and confide in him?

    Can he? After suffering a tragedy, the school is split. Now, the administrators know better and are trying to control the bullying that goes on.

    Other Children Helped

    Can it really be stopped? Aaron wants to come out and tell all Such an amazing coming of age story that I dare you to read and not cry to. I loved the honest and simple way about the characters as they go from day to day. I also applauded the adults in this book who got it and understood. You will too! These two stories Braden's story too both resonated with me and affected me - but Aaron's story more so. Aaron's emotional, vivid and heartbreaking journey really hooked me in and squeezed my heart. This author really captured the pain these kids go through, but as This was a powerful, heartbreaking and IMPORTANT story about bigoted and harmful Christianity beliefs that can have devastating consequences for our LGBT youth and cause these kids to feel that taking their life is the only option.

    This author really captured the pain these kids go through, but as heartbreaking as this story is - there is also hope. This was refreshing to read This book was unputdownable and emotional and powerful. Aug 20, Nic rated it it was ok. First, Mr. Dodd, you need an editor ASAP.

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    The typos, missing words, and grammatical errors were so prolific that I found myself focusing more on that than the story. Secondly, I liked the overall idea of this story. His constant shifts between happy and depressed, accepting and unaccepting were convincing even if they did become repetitive. While I found parts of the bo First, Mr. Jul 08, Christoph Fischer rated it it was amazing. It is also a very important novel that I would recommend people read.

    How it feels to be gay, gay as a teenager, in school and in your family is difficult to describe. Dodd does a great job at it and his character's honesty enables the reader to get an idea of the many aspects that being gay entails.

    Crazy Aaron's: Our Story

    The approach of telling the story from the side of an unsuspected gay rather than purely from a victimised or effeminate man "Aaron's Story" by Mason Dodd is a very moving and insightful novel. The approach of telling the story from the side of an unsuspected gay rather than purely from a victimised or effeminate man helps to illustrate the spectrum of gay identity and the gay experience.

    A book not so much innovative or surprising in terms of story but one that I found very rewarding in terms of characterisation and psychological insights. Jul 09, Stacey Lippincott rated it it was amazing. MUST read!! As a parent, this story truly touched me. To read about these young men and their struggles just to feel normal was heartbreaking.

    This is a book that needs to be read by all high school students, to see what can and does happen when someone is bullied. There is so much hatred in our society and to see the inner workings of someone's else's mind that is frequently on the receiving end of that hatred was an eye-opening experience. Extremely well written. Jul 10, Nicole Rhaven rated it really liked it Shelves: glbt. I found this story difficult to put down. I was gripped right in the beginning of this coming of age story of a boy named Aaron who is trying to come to terms about his sexuality.

    He is scared into silence by his classmates who abuse another gay boy daily, by his parents and their beliefs and even by his friends. His struggles are very real and raw and leave you feeling helpless. A potently great story if swept by an editor to catch all of the grammar errors, etc.

    Apr 24, Frank Tatum rated it it was amazing. Every teenager coming out should read this novel The best coming out story I have ever read. Covers the story of a teenager who has his family, church, school and all his friends against gays. By being an example, Aaron gradually comes out while fighting the uphill battle that no one, gay or straight should have to. Can hardly wait for the next book from this author. Set aside the time to read as this is a book you read in one sitting! Jul 09, Donna rated it it was amazing.

    I wasn't sure how good this book was going to be, but I am seriously impressed.

    Anonymous - The Story of Aaron Swartz Full Documentary

    I read A LOT of books, and this book is by far one of the best. Kudos to you, Manson Dodd! Jul 10, Debbora rated it really liked it Shelves: mm , passport , young-love. A must read I'm glad I stuck with this book. The beginning is a little rough, But, I would recommend this book to young teens, gay or straight.