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Be the first to write a review. Thanks Pamela! How awesome is that? January 12, - Published on Amazon. This 'teach the ABC's' book is simply lovely. Flora, fauna and fairies are detailed in vibrant colors, sure to catch the eye of eye of a young one. The wording will twist your tongue.

The typical animals cat, cow, monkey, are not often seen here.

Cow Fairy Art & Wall Décor

Rather there are juncos, quail, hedgehogs and voles, which provide an opportunity for a child to learn non-conventional animals. Also, the fairies are varied in nationality and skin color, which is wonderful. A charming and original twist on a traditional type book. Disclosure: I read a free copy of the book in return for my candid review. November 13, - Published on Amazon. My six year old daughter received the magical world of Whippety Wood as a gift from a dear friend and I cannot tell you how enchanting and fabulous it is - as well as being an Extraordinary way of helping her to read - the characters, the illustrations and the fairy magic - make this Much more than a traditional "ABC" book.

Each gorgeous illustration takes you into the magical world of Whippety Wood in the hills and beauty of Scotland and fairy places around the world, where the fairy's protect nature and help to remind children just how special it is. Along with woodland characters and more exotic ones - what makes the book so thrilling, is the tantalising text - each sentence for each letter, is filled with unusual and wonderful words that really are fun to both to read and say together and a far cry more interesting than the standard 'Biff and Chip' school books!!

My daughter, drawn in by the pictures, really then wants to read the sentence, and also, the illustrations provided stimulating questions and giggles when some of the words became quite tongue-twisters. Also, she's still getting her B's and D's mixed up - so the repetition of letters in each sentence is helping her tremendously - and especially in areas like "QU" : "Quilliam Quail likes quince jelly and comfy quilts" - got the idea of phonetics across better than simply than "Queen! And great fun The fairy information at the end of the book is enchanting and again, wonderful to bring into conversations and inspire the imagination.

Both for the parent and the little darlings. I would even go far as to recommend, that The Whippety Wood, would make a wonderful teaching aid in schools - and have to say Thank You to Pamela Harden for bringing some magic into night-time reading practice Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.

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I have always considered nature to be magical. Just how amazing is it to see a tiny bird hatch from a beautiful egg, or a glorious flower spring from a seed. That certainly is magic! I still believe in Santa. What are some of the differences you find in your natural surroundings? In the USA we have always lived in the countryside and in the UK, we have lived a rural life in tiny villages or in the country.

I cannot imagine living in a town or city. We are country bumpkins for certain! Many of the same species of mammals live in both countries. Some, like badgers, are slightly different in appearance, but many are the same. The countryside is different in the US and the UK. Or, at least it feels different to me. There are still woods, streams, mountains, hills and dales, but there is a sense of a different sort of history behind the countryside in each place.

I find tremendous inspiration in the old folk tales from Scotland, England, and Wales. Indeed the Whippety Wood was influenced by a Scottish folk tale. Here in Wisconsin the countryside is farmland, open, green, and surrounded by woods. The woods here are dense with oak, ash, huckleberry, pines, spruce, and cherry. It is a new world feel with a more recent human history. There is enough material from both continents to supply me with all the creative fodder I need!

I do observe as many animals as I can on our many hikes around the woods and fields we call home. Because we live in a very rural area, I have constant inspiration for new story ideas and illustrations. I find the Whippety Wood a complete joy and comfortable place to create a world that I should want to live in and really do, for the most part. It contains all the good parts of the world, without any of the bad. When I created the Whippety Wood, it was intended to help connect both children and adults with the natural world around them. With a burgeoning world population and ever decreasing wild spaces to explore, it seemed a good idea to introduce the world of nature in a new and entertaining way.

Children in particular, are inundated with images from an electronic screen in one form or another. Many have never seen a fox, badger, bear, or any other animal in their natural habitat. My first ABC book was intended to address that very issue, but in an exciting, entertaining, and visual way.

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  5. It was also intended to open a dialog between child and parent or an older sibling. Now I am able to combine my love of dogs, and Scottish Terriers in particular, with my wild creatures in the Whippety Wood.

    It allows my imagination to run amok among the hundreds and hundreds of animals who might inhabit the Wood. As you know, I grew up with Scottish Terriers, too. We Scottie lovers are a breed apart. I only found out about our shared love of Scotties after I started following you.

    In fact, I bought one of your prints, Sinclair meeting Martin Mole, before we ever met. I have it hanging in my office and it always makes me smile.

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    I like to say that your friendship is a gift my dogs gave me. I have a whole Weezy-wall art gallery in my house. When did you fall in love with Scotties? Tell us how you started incorporating them into the Whippety Wood. We have had Scotties for more than 40 years, and cannot envision a life void of Scotties.