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Wade's Important Astrolab I found Dead Man's Hill to be a thoroughly absorbing experience whose design and programming I admire, even though there's still need for a lot of technical revision.

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The game satisfies both as a war simulation with measurable mechanics and tactical elements, and as a conceptual piece with overarching ideas about its content. See the full review.

Deadman's Hill

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  8. Polls The following polls include votes for Dead Man's Hill : Wandering NPCs by Fredrik I have always been fascinated with games that have several wandering and independent NPCs, especially when you have the ability to try to order them around. This sets the stage for a game where no one session is like any other, and even However, as with all approaches, a hill-bagger is ultimately faced with several hundred metres of pathless moorland to reach the indeterminate summit.

    An alternative approach from Scar House Reservoir is to take the track that passes Lodge and over into Coverdale via the saddle with Little Whernside. At the top of the track simply turn right and follow the fence up on to the heathery plateau before going in search of the spot height. An approach from Arkleside in Coverdale, climbing south on the same track, can also be used to reach the saddle with Little Whernside.

    Getting There...

    A junction with a shooters track above Arkleside Gill provides another, more direct approach from Coverdale via a shooting hut. Walk down past the baseball field towards the river. Look to your right and you will see a hill.

    Deadman’s Hill Overlook

    Climb the hill through the field while staying to your left. You will see another hill to go down. Stay to the left when you get down to the bottom. Go thourgh the trees on the path. Stay on the path until you see another hill to climb.

    Dead Man's Hill - To Jean Sandor (apocalyptic industrial)

    You will see many trees but one hides the cache at the top of the hill. Attributes What are Attributes?

    Deadman's Hill Overlook - SOLAR Outdoors

    Inventory There are no Trackables in this cache. View past Trackables What are Trackable Items? Bookmark Lists RI 40 caches save one.