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Die Sondersitzung des Sicherheitsrates der Vereinten Nationen hat die Fronten in dem Konflikt noch einmal deutlich gemacht.

Griff Luft by Peter Renner

As such, thereis absolutely no indication if the PBoC will further tighten or ease in the next month, just as the PBoC likes it, because while many have been demanding easing in the last several weeks, and especially the housing market, the reality is that hot pockets of inflation still remain. Furthermore, the last thing China needs is to proceed with full on easing just as Bernanke goes ahead and launches QE x which will export more hot money, and thus inflation, to China than anywhere else, with the possible exception of gold. Folks, who generally live in the real world where the economy is clearly in the tank, have long since figured out that the US equity market is a front running scam best "owned" by high frequency trading computers co located in the room next to where Duncan Niederauer takes his afternoon crap.

Und damals wie heute wird die Schuldfrage verzerrt wahrgenommen. Im Moment will man lieber abwarten, wie sich der Euro-Wind dreht. Droht ihm eine Auslieferung in die USA? Was ist das Besondere an der Rechtslage in Schweden? Die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten.

Let's Play Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice [German/Deutsch] #05 Alles im GRIFF!

Mittlerweile ahne ich, warum sich Demokratie so schwer tut. Das Problem sind nur in 2. Instanz diejenigen, die die Demokratie und Freiheit ankratzen. Nationalbank als Nothelfer im Steuerstreit? Aktualisiert vor 20 Minuten 1 Kommentar http: Bankenkrise Haushalte und Unternehmen betroffen http: Which is what led to the advent of QE in the first place: This may be about to change, because as the just released letter from the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, or as we affectionately called http: The Committee unanimously recommended that the Treasury Department allow for negative yield auction results as soon as logistically practical.

And once we get the green light on negative yields at auction, next up will be the push for the Fed to impose negative rates on all standing securities, which means that coming soon savers will be literally paying to hold cash. And that will be the final straw.

No the money is not vaporized, but its complicated. There are lots of possibilities just too complicated to explain to the public, and you just have to be patient, little customers, while a pile of creditors' lawyers sit on your money until you hopefully go away. Real journalism and critical news analysis is apparently dead.

The mainstream media outlets merely repeat sound bites supplied to them. But one has to ask themselves, could this situation become more ludicrous? Does anyone actually buy this clumsy handling of serious wrongdoing and gross seizure of customer assets? The professionals and those in the know do not, and it is putting a chill on the markets, and people are afraid to talk about it above a whisper. It's an old story, of droit du seigneur, of the lord of the manor drunk with power doing something unspeakable.

Why are these people so afraid to tell the simple story of what actually happened?


Because they are falling all over themselves to avoid talking about 'he who must not be named. Some recipients were entitled to payouts from MF Global, which could make clawing back the money difficult. For instance, securities customers withdrawing their money as MF Global began to collapse were paid from accounts that belonged to futures clients, according to other people briefed on the matter. But the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the regulator leading the investigation, will examine whether anyone accepted customer cash without verifying the source of the money, one of the people briefed on the matter said.

This person and others who discussed the case did so on the condition of anonymity because the investigation is not public.


PDF Bitterzarte Lust: Sinnlicher SM-Roman (German Edition)

The findings shift the pressing question surrounding the collapse of MF Global from what happened to the money to how to recover it and who is at fault. Answers will not come easy. A significant impediment has been clashes among the parties trying to resolve the MF Global mess: Investigators suspect the e-mails, sent just before the firm collapsed, contain clues about who transferred the money from protected customer accounts. The clashes stem from the conflicting interests of those involved.

Giddens, the trustee overseeing the liquidation of the brokerage unit, is charged with returning money to wronged customers. That mission is at odds with the interests of Louis J.

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JP Morgan at the head of them - Jesse That could be a while. They have been sitting on their investigation of the silver market for over three years - Jesse Customers, including farmers, hedge funds and other small traders, have been very frustrated with the pace of the investigation and the dearth of updates about their missing money They alternately create artificial abundance and scarcity to influence prices, with the objective of lining their pockets. This move by JP Morgan to enlarge their warehouses and stockpile key commodities helps to demonstrate the growing scramble for resources which is a recurrent theme, and at the same time it shows the pernicious influence of mingling government guaranteed customer money and subsidized Federal Reserve funds with what is essentially private speculation.

JP Morgan is a bank that was rescued by public funds, and that exists at the sufferance of the US government and their money. Some of the pampered princes of the Republic would like to turn the financial sector into a new House of Lords. Still, there may be a mutual interest between the government and their bankers in influencing the world's flow of key commodities. And if a few friends become wealthy in the process, well, so much the better.

JPM - News is bulking up its metal warehousing facilities in Rotterdam and Chicago, industry sources say, in a business that consumers complain deliberately delays delivery of metals to boost revenues from rent. London Metal Exchange rules allow warehouse companies to release only a fraction of their inventories per day, much less than is regularly taken in for storage, creating long queues to get metal out and guaranteeing rental income. JP Morgan's aim is to fill its Henry Bath warehousing arm with inventory in the two port cities large enough to rival trading house Glencore's Pacorini and U.

GS - News Metro. The Pacorini and Metro facilities in Vlissingen, Netherlands and Detroit combined are estimated to hold around half of the global London Metal Exchange LME aluminium stocks which stand at just under 5 million tonnes. Sources at JPM say the bank is pursuing a strategy to consolidate warehousing in the two locations to create the next Detroit or Vlissingen.

A JPMorgan spokesman declined to comment. Complaints about long queues, particularly in Detroit, prompted the LME to raise minimum delivery rates - 3, tonnes a day for operators with stocks of over , tonnes in one city - but traders and analysts say the new rules will make little difference when they come into effect in April. The JPM strategy is likely to inflame consumers and traders already angry about the influence of warehousing companies on the flow of metal.

Morgan is already preparing to store aluminium in Europe's largest port, Rotterdam, where it has over 30 sheds. The bank, the largest by assets in the United States, was behind the cancellation of , tonnes of LME aluminium warrants in Vlissingen, just 50 miles away from Rotterdam, on December 21, traders and warehousing sources told Reuters. Cancelled warrants show metal is earmarked for delivery. Glencore drove Pacorini's emergence as a dominant force in New Orleans and Vlissingen. The Dutch port holds nearly one million tonnes of aluminium. Traders said Metro holds most of Detroit's 1. There were other signs in recent weeks that the bank's focus has shifted after traders reported JPM sold a large number of warrants, or ownership titles to metal, to release funds.

Risk is uncertainty, and uncertainty can engender fear.

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By obsessing with what one fears, one brings about their eventual demise. I have seen this repeated in human institutions over and over again, both in direct experience and in the study of history. We fear that freedom will be undermined by some exterior force, so we kill it first to save it. We fear that risk will erode our profits, so we ensure our profit by destroying the efficiency of the markets, thereby eliminating real growth. But we have held onto the profit, for at least a short time, and in the end there is a furious struggle among the insiders to divvy it up.

Fear surrenders itself to control by dark powers, often precipitated by a traumatic event. Fear provides the rationale, the excuse, to suspend reason and conscience, and then the madness has its way with us. Faced with the risk and rigor of 'free markets' and the drive to zero economic profit through increasing competition, there is the impulse to create monopolies, manipulate prices, and control information to line one's pockets.

It is the natural tendency for clever people to stretch the rules and even break them to gain an advantage over other participants. This is what makes the idea of the natural efficiency of free market systems so laughable. They work fine as long as there are no people involved in them. Freedom and justice take hard work and dedication, and are not the natural state of the world.

This is a basic principle of transactional systems, whether ownership resides in the capital or the labor end of the equation. It explains the quicker failure of state communism since it concentrated power in the corruptible few from the start rather than dispersing it more widely in 'the market. The one percent are the one percent, no matter the color of their flags.

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Even better for the powerful is when the government can be subverted and brought into the picture to create the opportunities to obtain a license to collect rents. This 'partnership' between corporations and the government is what is called 'crony capitalism' or corporatism. The power base shifts back and forth between the participants, but always it is based on the monopoly control of markets. This is what Simon Johnson referred to when he said that a coup d'etat had occurred in the States. And it is where we are today. Seller Inventory LIB Book Description Condition: New.

Seller Inventory n. Book Description Mitteldeutscher Verlag Jun , Condition: Neu. Neuware - Johanna hat alles im Griff. Items related to Wir schenken uns nichts: Roman. Wir schenken uns nichts: Roman.

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