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Aviva Solvency II Compliance.

Where X=Julia

Nobel Laureate Thomas J. Next-generation macroeconomic models require high-performance computing: enter Julia.

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Safer Skies. BlackRock Analytics Platform. The world's largest asset manager is using Julia to upgrade its trademark Aladdin analytics platform. Julia users, partners and employers hiring Julia programmers. What Julia users are saying. In our company, Julia blurs the barrier between prototyping done by data scientists and production development done by our developers. Thanks to Julia, both activities are carried out within the same platform. This brings a lot of advantages, including much faster development and much easier maintenance of code.

I just wanted to thank you for Julia.

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I am the manager of an engineering group responsible for quite a few numerical tools, from stand-alone small programs to full-blown finite element codes. Julia is the most exciting thing I've seen in years.

When a language is cool enough for a something year old manager to spend his spare time programming in it at home, you know that you've kindled serious excitement. Patrick Majors, Engineering Manager, cooper tire and rubber.

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Note the I had to use big to makes sure we are using BigInt in the computation. Without that, we would be quickly running in into an overflow issue and we will get a very wrong number. In the comment section of the video I found a very elegant solution to the above sum, expressed as. This negative answer is not surprising at all, because we obviously ran into an overflow.

We can, of course, go through that expression and modify all instances of Int64 with BigInt by wrapping it in the big function. But that would be cumbersome to do by hand. In Julia, metaprogramming allows you to write code that creates code , the idea here to manipulate the abstract syntax tree AST of a Julia expression. In the at form it is not evaluated yet, however we can always evaluate it via eval.

The output of dump show the follow AST in all its glory …well almost the depth is a bit truncated.

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Notice that here all our numbers are interpreted as Int We see an improvement here, but the results are not very satisfactory. The divisions yield BigFloat results, which had a tiny bit of floating point errors. Can we do better? Julia has support for Rational expressions baked in.

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Fisherman 1. Reusable sanitary pads.

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