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At its core is a story exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the story at your own pace. A brief collection of interesting games that shaped the ZX Spectrum's life. The writing is light and breezy but each game is only touched upon and mostly self-contained. As such it is a disjointed read with very little depth.

What does come through is the author's love of the computer and it's quirky joys and I wish it came across in a more satisfying whole. An enjoyable trip down memory lane, covering the greats, the groundbreakers and a good selection of oddities that you've probably never played! A few extra screenshots would have been nice, but the reviews are well written by someone who obviously remembers it all from the first time round. My first computer was a Speccy and this book reviews the best games available on that computer.

Some great games are reviewed and there are some hidden gems that make me want to reboot the computer up again and play! Read it and relive your childhood!

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Jul 18, Uno rated it did not like it. In essence about 50 write-ups of games from the spectrum times. The write-ups weren't insightful. Dec 31, Trevor rated it really liked it. I was expecting more information and this book should have screenshots of the games to help the reader remember them. Way too brief and could do with more screenshots for additional nostalgia value.

Apart from that, great, a real blast from the past! Jun 01, Ben Baker rated it really liked it. A simple but synapse-sparking jaunt through the games - good, bad and plain ridiculous - that made the Spectrum such a wonderfully oddball British invention. Jan 20, Neil Blumfield rated it really liked it. A collection of reviews of Spectrm games, great, good and odd, written with the power of hindsight and the fuzzy glow of nostalgia. A fun read but short read.

Speccy Nation A tribute to the golden age of British gaming

Dec 30, Andrew Doran rated it it was ok. Really needs some screenshots for this to make more sense for the games I have never seen. Skimmed this and only read about the games I knew.

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  • Speccy Nation by Dan Whitehead – Review.
  • Paul Keen rated it it was ok Jan 29, Yappa Pie rated it really liked it Apr 04, William Weir rated it did not like it Sep 23, Paul Gibson rated it it was ok May 26, Despite being a fan of "bigger is better", I was pleasantly surprised at the vast amount of information presented in Speccy Nation. It explores the ZX Spectrum computer through pivotal games that defined British gaming in the s.

    I'd done my homework before ordering a copy online and was eagerly anticipating it's arrival. For all the good things I'd hear about this book I assumed it was a massive tome of ZX Spectrum info. At pages, Speccy Nation packs a lot of great info humor and charm into a book I highly recommend!